Top to Toe

Semi permanent
Intradermal pigmentation is revolutionary method of applying micro insertions of natural pigment into the dermal layer of skin.
Lip liner / color
The lip colour is beautiful it can appear to change shape, size & full ness of lips From a soft pink to more a vibrate colour the choice is you'res .
Mimicking the appearance of hair in the brow line this will led to the fullness that is required so no more make up will be needed. To get natural look a range of colors are available.
A subtle natural look to top or bottom of the eye. Mimicking thousand of tiny lashes with implanting of pigments in lash line. Additional shadowing of color can  be added for soft or defined line.

Eyebrows        £295.00           lip line                £295.00
Full lips           £350.00          beauty spot            £25.00
Eyeliner top     £150.00         eyeliner bottom   £150.00
Eyeliner top & bottom                                          £280.00

Each price includes the 2 necessary treatments needed.
(2nd appointment for treatment takes place 4-6 weeks later )
10% off for more than 2 treatments booked.