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Beauty and Holistic Treatments

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Waxing menu
Gentle tea tree wax & aftercare products are used in our waxing menu .
1/2 leg wax             £11.10         

 Underarms              £8.50
1/2 leg & bikini      £19.00          Forearms        £9.50
3/4 leg wax             £20.00          Eyebrows       £5.50
Full leg & bikini    £25.50           Upper lip        £4.00
Bikini                       £9.50               Chin               £5.50
Hollywood            £17.00 
Brazilian                 £15.00 

 Eyebrow,lip,chin  £13.50

Flashy lashes
Eye lash tint*                £10.00
Eye brow tint*               £7.50
Eye lash perm*             £28.00
patch test required 24 hours before treatment

Party lashes                   £36.00
Lasts up to 2 weeks

Semi perminant eyelash treatment MARVELSCARA
water proof, smudge proof smear proof
3 week mascara that lasts up to 3 weeks                  from £25 - £55

patch test required 48 hours before treatment




Body exfoliation
A full body exfoliation will leave you're skin feeling purified & refreshed making skin soft & irristable to touch. Body brushing, a blend of natural sea salts & essential oils the treatment is finished with a ultra rich body nourish.
Full body                                                       £35.00
Back & shoulder                                            £28.00
St tropez tan
A rich tan is possible not just on the Rivera. The entire range is designed for both face & body. Exfoliation is key for a flawless tan so a full body exfoliation is given.
Full body                                                       £36.00
Legs                                                               £19.00
Face & arms                                                  £24.00


Up right sunbed
3 minutes        £3.75     6 minutes             £5.75
9 minutes        £7.75    12 minutes            £9.20
15 minutes         £11.75


Block bookings
  30 minutes                  £21.50
  60 minutes                  £39.50

The ancient form of foot massage working with pressure points to detoxify & cleanse the body. Minimum of 4 treatments to receive full benefits.
Pay for 3 and receive 4 the free       £ 39.00 each

Hopi ear candles
Old wax & noxious toxins are removed to release pressure to ears, sinuses, & blockages. Followed by lymphatic drainage massage                                               £36.00

Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life energy. The reiki therapist channels this life force energy through their hands to activates the body's natural healing ability to self heal                                                              £34.00
Hot stone massage
Hot stone massage is the ultimate in the holistic world . Using besalt stones with modern massage techniques to create a massage experience unlike any other you have experienced.
Back, neck & shoulders                      £36.00
Full body                                                 £49.00
Manicure                                                 £30.00
Pedicure                                                 £38.00

Lasts up to 2 weeks

Dermalogica facials

We have a dedicated  team of skin care specialist who have been trained in dermalogica mapping skin analysis at the international dermal institute. Our facials are designed around you and you're skin goals. once in the treatment room the therapist will divide face in too 14 zones each with its only problem of concern. The inch by inch analysis will then assist therapist to customize you're facial and home care prescription.

Optimum skin facials

Cleansing, toning, exfoliating, mask, moisturizing & eye treatments. Our facials are designed around you're skin care goals for skin appearance. With the following concerns from anti ageing, oily/problem, dry/dehydrated, sensitive & normal skins.

* 30 minutes -  Go & Glow skin care facial               Revitalizes the skins condition leaves a healthy glow                    £24.50

* 45 minutes -  pick me up                         

 Includes an  indulging head and shoulder massage 

releasing any tension           £34.00 

   * 75 minutes - steam & extraction                                                        £37.00                 

*90 minutes -    regerate and relax              

 Includes all of the above with a back massage to

 designed to release tension  .£43.00

specialized facials

* Oriental body and soul -                                      £40.00                  

Involving pressure points on the head area to promote 

Relaxation leaving the body and soul in harmony

* Heaven and Beyond -                                       £40.00

Using a treatment known as lymphatic drainage .cleanses

 impurities buy helping reduce toxins and blocked pathway's


Together we can optimize you're skin goals and revitalize the appearance. Also using touch therapy massage on specific areas of stress and tension .